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Land for Sale in Semenyih

Land for Sale in Semenyih


Land for Sale in Semenyih 55 acres


The town is becoming less and less “hidden” as the Kuala Lumpur conurbation (usually called the Klang Valley) expands. The town shares its name with the Semenyih River, which is the main river passing near the town. The catchment area of this river is an important source of water for Kuala Lumpur and other parts of the KlangValley.

 A more popular tourist attraction in the town is the Ostrich Wonderland Show Farm. The town is rapidly becoming more accessible, thanks to new highways (such as the Kajang-Seremban Highway and the Kajang SILK Highway), and more attractive due to new development (including, for example, the Malaysia Campus of the University of Nottingham). This transformation from town to metropolis is also reflected in the growth in its population. The 15100 people recorded in the 1991 census had grown to over 45000 by 2000. This corresponds to an annual growth rate of 12.9%, compared with the national average of 2.66% over the same period. 

Semenyih is previously and is still regarded by some as under-developed, but recent years have seen to substancial growth in the township itself. Semenyih is set to become a potential hotspot in the years to come. The development is competitively priced, especially with the name of SP Setia attached to it.


Size: 55 acres (41 subdivided lot totaling approx. 55 acres)

Tenure: Freehold
Status: Agriculture
Location: Semenyih


Land in Semenyih
Land in Semenyih
Land in Semenyih Housing

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